Villa Vals serves two purposes — a vacation home and a protective shelter. It was created by SeARCH and CMA as a means of protection from apocalyptic disasters. The structure itself is integrated into the surrounding landscape, making it seem like it was part of its surroundings in the most organic manner. Up to 10 people can stay here.

This gigantic structure is called the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It is located in Norway and resembles a futuristic take on Noah’s Ark. It was the result of a worldwide funding from various countries, including Brazil, India and United States, among others. This structure houses a variety of plant life, in the event that everything on the planet would be wiped out due to catastrophe.

 Gregory Gibbons and Bruce Francisco had a plan to ensure safety for themselves during the Cold War days. They converted two missile silos into underground homes which offered enough space and protection from cataclysmic events. For added precaution, they even constructed 9 more levels going deeper into the ground to ensure that no impact would be felt.

Brent Bruns stars in his very own reality TV show, “Doomsday Castle” on National Geographic. He was so convinced that the impending apocalypse is coming sooner than later, he had built a castle and taught his family members to use medieval weapons. That’s because he believes that technology all over the world would be wiped out by an electronic magnetic pulse. This castle even has a drawbridge, so that’s accuracy for you.

This structure is essentially multiple floors of condominiums burrowing underground. It is located in the Kansas prairie field, right inside an abandoned missile silo. Because of the depth of the structure, it is built to withstand just about anything and ensure survival of its residents. That includes economic collapses, terrorist attacks, pandemics and even World War III.

  Located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, this underground bunker is for the budget conscious. Called the Atlas Survival Shelter, you and your family can avail of security and protection from the apocalypse for just 60,000 dollars. It’s got bunk beds, mudrooms, an escape hatch and everything else you could ever hope for. It’s a no-frills bunker for people who just want to survive.