Ma Barker's House ($1,000,000)

A house known for its gangster association, can be yours with the flat price of one million dollars!

The House on Los Angeles' Hills ($15,000,000)

Known to be a hotspot for aliens, ghosts and also an Indian Burial ground. This place has been abandoned for a long time and has been claimed by vandalizers and those who are into the occult.

The Amytiville House ($950,000)

One of the most well known murder house, it boasts of a very large estate with a view of the river out back. Did we also forget the mention that you might get possessed and murder your family?

Do you have a thing for serial killers? Have you ever thought of looking out for the house wherein these heinous individuals lived before? Although some houses, like that of John Wayne Gacey, aren't standing anymore... there are houses out there that do.

Some of them aren't really murder houses (one of them just gets visited by aliens and is a Indian Burial ground) and others are just kind of places where a person or two commited suicide. But that shouldn't stop you! If Haunted is your keyword, then you better check out these ghastly places! (With matching ghastly prices too!)

The Hampton Lilibridge House ($2,800,000)

Children whispering in the walls and men walking around in the bathrobes are the kind of thing that haunts this beautiful house in Savannah

The Kreischer House ($2,499,000)

A husband kills himself, the family ordered a butler to kill a business associate and the lady of the house still roaming the hallways while releasing soft cries. Feel at home!

Lizzie Borden's House ($650,000)

Home to the axe waving murders of Lizzie Borden, who decided to kill her father and step-mother. Feel free to check this place out!