The Schweppe Estate ($12,000,000)

A suicidal man used to live here, the main selling point of this house is an always clean window that looks out to whoever wants to buy this house. Spooky stuff.

The Psycho House ($3,950,000)

Apparently this is where the murder of a Janet Leigh for the movie, Psycho, happened.

Unknown Victorian House ($169,285 or $165/monthly rent)

If you want to live in an haunted house for a month or so, we have a deal for you!

The John Brown House ($1,200,000)

Although not his house per se, but the very land he was executed on. One of his executioner's thought it was just right to build a mansion on top of it!

Ma Barker's House ($1,000,000)

A house known for its gangster association, can be yours with the flat price of one million dollars!

The House on Los Angeles' Hills ($15,000,000)

Known to be a hotspot for aliens, ghosts and also an Indian Burial ground. This place has been abandoned for a long time and has been claimed by vandalizers and those who are into the occult.