15 Homes Of The Future That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you ready for the future? Well these builders sure are. Get ready to contact your mortgage advisor because you will surely drool over these projects.

Capital Hill Residence, Russia

Well, wouldn’t this make for a unique gift? This was actually given to Naomi Campbell, none more appropriate than by her own boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. With the help of Aha Hadid Architects, he came up with a design that’s straight out of a sci-fi flick. It almost feels like you’re looking at a spaceship waiting to go into orbit.

Nature meets technology

Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center

haydar aliyev cultural center zaha hadid architects

Located in in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center is another brainchild of Zaha Hadid Architects. It serves a great purpose, which is to push the entire city towards urbanization and modernization.  The design of the building is evident of that, being a pioneering structure which can elevate the entire city to such magnificent standing.  The facade is made of glass and the edges are nowhere to be found, instead remaining curvy and fluid all throughout the entire building.

Zaha Hadid Museum

zaha hadid museum architecture

This is considered to be one of the more renowned designs in Zaha Hadid's portfolio.  It even won the Stirling Prize back in 2010 for such outstanding architectural design.  For a place which offers a lot of multiculturalism, the whole aesthetic is quite befitting.  If you love visiting museums, you'll fall in love with this place.

Phaeno Science Center

zaha hadid architecture phaeno sceince center

The Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg was completed by Zaha Hadid back in 2005.  The following year, it won the 2006 RIBA European Award, which is no small feat.  Everyone all over the globe has nothing but sincere appreciation for it, considering it to be such an astounding piece of art in the world of architecture.  It was even hailed as among the "7 Wonders of the Modern World".  How's that for a reputation?

Shanghai's SOHO Group HQ

shanghai soho group

Intended to be the brand new HQ for Shanghai's SOHO Group, it derives inspiration from environmental awareness as well as good ol' Chinese calligraphy.  The latter explains the flowing design.  This is definitely a welcome addition to the already progressive city of Shanghai.  From this angle, it's essentially a work of art.