Phaeno Science Center

zaha hadid architecture phaeno sceince center

The Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg was completed by Zaha Hadid back in 2005.  The following year, it won the 2006 RIBA European Award, which is no small feat.  Everyone all over the globe has nothing but sincere appreciation for it, considering it to be such an astounding piece of art in the world of architecture.  It was even hailed as among the "7 Wonders of the Modern World".  How's that for a reputation?

Shanghai's SOHO Group HQ

shanghai soho group

Intended to be the brand new HQ for Shanghai's SOHO Group, it derives inspiration from environmental awareness as well as good ol' Chinese calligraphy.  The latter explains the flowing design.  This is definitely a welcome addition to the already progressive city of Shanghai.  From this angle, it's essentially a work of art.

Building for Cancer Victims

cancer victims architecture

Here's an architectural project with a rather interesting history behind it.  Maggie Keswick took initiative to care for cancer victims, along with the idea that even the look of the center itself can have such a profound impact on someone's life.  Hence, the futuristic design of this building was made to inspire hope among its patients.  It is certainly an uplifting design that never fails to impress and make people feel right at home.

Geometric Designs

zaha hadid architecture development residential

Zaha Hadid makes their mark yet again with this residential development project.  It's geometric design certainly makes for quite a stand out.  Some neat features include window which regulate light movement throughout several rooms.  It's also got art galleries spanning across two floors, as well as 8 residential spaces in development.

The Bergisel Ski Jump

The Bergisel Ski Jump

The Bergisel Ski Jump is practically a colossus of a tower.  It offers a great view of the surrounding landscape, thanks to the terraces.  It even has a panoramic cafe for you to drink your coffee at while admiring the scenery.  In order to access it for some skiing, you'd have to ride a twin lift.

BMW Factory

bmw factory RIBA European award

This building actually won the 2006 RIBA European Award.  Its overall cost was $1.55 billion, certainly reflective of the brand itself.  After all, it does manufacture BMW 3 Series vehicles.  This is most certainly a distinct and innovative design unlike anything Zaha Hadid has ever tackled before.