15 Homes Of The Future That Will Blow Your Mind

Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center

haydar aliyev cultural center zaha hadid architects

Located in in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center is another brainchild of Zaha Hadid Architects. It serves a great purpose, which is to push the entire city towards urbanization and modernization.  The design of the building is evident of that, being a pioneering structure which can elevate the entire city to such magnificent standing.  The facade is made of glass and the edges are nowhere to be found, instead remaining curvy and fluid all throughout the entire building.

Zaha Hadid Museum

zaha hadid museum architecture

This is considered to be one of the more renowned designs in Zaha Hadid's portfolio.  It even won the Stirling Prize back in 2010 for such outstanding architectural design.  For a place which offers a lot of multiculturalism, the whole aesthetic is quite befitting.  If you love visiting museums, you'll fall in love with this place.