Zaha Hadid in Dubai

Dubai commercial building Zaha Hadid

Dubai's got a number of signature structures already, and this one is yet another addition to be made.  The overall design is rather unorthodox, with the middle structure having an obvious bend which may give anyone with a fear of heights the shudders.  However, these buildings will be offering numerous residential complexes, as well as offices and hotels.  A few more innovations and Dubai will definitely make an even bigger impact all over the world.

Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Center

abu dhabi performing arts

The Performing Arts Center is definitely something to gawk at, even from afar.  Located by the waterfront, it's got a music hall, an opera house, a concert hall and 5 more theaters.  With a total of ten floors, creativity just seems to brew from about every angle you can look at.  We can't help but marvel at its design nonstop.

Space Ship Sport Stadium

zaha hadid architecture stadium sports

Tokyo is no stranger to innovation, especially with architecture.  With the New National Stadium, they're certainly among the front runners.  Made also by Zaha Hadid Architects, this will be fully operational by 2018.  With 80,000 seating capacity and a curvy design, you'll probably thinking your watching your favorite sporting events inside a large space ship.

Vilnius Museum and Cultural Center

This one right here’s another projectby Zaha Hadid Architects. It’s definitely futuristic in design, and may even look like a floating home from certain angles. It’s almost as if it was made out of liquid metal, with hardly any straight edges. It’s certainly different from any of Hadid’s previous offerings to the world of architecture.