15 Parklets Every City Needs

Strata Architects and Much More!

If the term “parklet” is a little bit foreign to you, let us enlighten your minds then.  Parkelts are small, urban parks which are then created by the replacement of parallel parking spots.  These are often substituted with plants, patios and seating for people who are looking to take a break.  Think of it as more than just a set of benches.  You get gret views of the surroundings, and you can easily pick up where you left off on your travels down the sidewalks.  San Francisco has a lot of these parklets, but certain states in the US have slowly caught on.  You can find some of them below.

This parklet was designed by Strata Architects. It can be found in Seattle, Washington. It emits a rather cozy vibe, one that is highly welcome after you’ve taken a long walk just sight seeing or hanging out with friends. If you’ve been going on a bike ride for quite some time, this makes for an ideal resting spot as well.

Also located in San Francisco is this rather minimalist parklet. It emits a café ambiance which is always a treat for people who want to hang out in a no-frills kind of way. It also becomes a hangout spot for artists, musicians and regular corporate employees who just want some peace of mind. The simplistic approach surely lends itself to a lot of visits from the locals.