This was designed by Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects. Hence, the architectural approach to such a parklet looks pretty innovative. The pods are sloped and paneled in such a way that they encourage reclining and leaning, as if they were intentionally made for people to actually rest on. It almost seems like an abstract version of a mountain range too, especially with the shrubbery on top of the panels.

Designed by INTERBORO, this parklet makes for a great contrast with the urban setting. Large red blocks serve as benches to lounge at in Boston, Massachusetts. It certainly becomes an eye catching attraction amidst all the grayness of the buildings around it. For all you care, you just might be able to lie down on it after a stressful day and nobody will care at all.

This parklet looks to be as cozy as you can expect. Found in Vancouver, Canada, the wooden benches have a rather chilled look to them, making them perfect for people to just relax in. the benches also work well as coffee tables, or if you want to rest your feet up after a long day of walking. Heck, if you’re just looking to hang out with friends for a nice chat, this would be great.