If you’re looking for the perfect café seating setup, this would be it. Cameron Helland designed this unique-looking parklet and had it installed back in 2014. It makes use of wood counters, decking, planter boxes and z-shaped benches. Seeing it in front of Reveille Coffee just adds to the whole beauty of the place.

This parklet almost has a skater slope feel to it. We wouldn’t be surprised if actual skater boys and gilrs did hang out here, though. The wooden board design also works well with the concrete surroundings, giving the environment a somewhat organic and rustic look. Designed by INTERSTICE Architects in San Francisco, California, you’re surely not going to miss out should you pass it by.

Powell Street Promenade is one of the most recognizable parklets in San Francisco. However, it’s got a lot to offer. As a matter of fact, it has eight sections spread throughout 2 blocks of the entire Powell Street. That only means that people who have tired themselves out waiting for their wives and kids to go shopping can now have a spot to rest at. However, at night, this becomes a resting spot for the homeless

 Parklets aren’t just getting bigger in the US. In fact, this one’s in London, England. Created by WMB Studio, this one has a rather quirky look to it. What seems like a row of several thin cuts of wood combine to create a stretch of a resting spot which looks pretty snazzy.

Located near Ashbury Street, this 2 year old parklet creates a rather refreshing landscape. It is installed right in front of the Upper Haight Street deli and grocery store. It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, rather blending in well with the surroundings, as if it was intentionally designed to be part of the entire block. That alone makes it worth hanging out at.

 As we said, the US isn’t the only country that’s looking to implement the parklet design. As a matter of fact, even Brazil has its very own version. Found in Sao Paolo, this designs looks pretty simple, and the addition of a few plants certainly adds to its garden-like appearance. Considering the latter aspect, you know it’s bound to give you positive energy after just hanging out.