20 Odd Homes That You Would Believe Exist

Kvivik Igloo

When you think of the word “house”, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what it looks like. You see the traditional home with the roof, eye-pleasing wallpaper, windows and white picket fences… Sounds like an ideal spot for the entire family to reside in, right? However, the term itself is pretty subjective, and people just roll the ball with it. By that, we mean that there are some folks out there who can take the word “house” and have fun with it, resulting in some rather odd looking structures like the following. Located in the Favroe Islands, the Kvivik is one strange looking house indeed. It’s almost as if it just grew out of the ground. It also looks more like the tip of a mushroom than an actual house. Nonetheless, it does its job well in providing solace amidst the cold and windy climate.

Errante's Guest House

This guest house doesn’t even look like a normal house, even in the slightest. In fact, it resembles the aftermath of an earthquake. It’s found in Chile and certainly has a lot of visitors from other countries ogling it for the uniqueness it’s got to offer. We can’t imagine living here at all, although we have to admit it’s got a certain kind of charm.