Mushroom House

This Cincinnati house sure does look like something out of a fantasy book. The mere fact that it looks like a mushroom must also get a lot of people tripping out on acid. Never mind the fact that it’s got hollowed eyes up top to serve as windows. Either way, you’ll probably want to get high inside this place.

Upside-Down House

This house in Szymbark, Poland certainly is one of a kind. It certainly turns the basic concept of a house on its head, literally speaking. Daniel Czapiewski created this as his means of interpreting the difference between today’s times and the communist era of decades past.

Boeing 727 House

If you’ve got a ton of money, you can build something like this as well. Joanne Ussary actually spent 2,000 dollars for the plane, another 4,000 dollars to move it and 24,000 dollars to have it renovated inside. The end result is a rather off-kilter home in Benoit, Mississippi. Let’s not forget that the cockpit has its own Jacuzzi.

Eliphante Art House

If look at it from a distance, it does look like a hollowed out elephant, doesn’t it? That random branch sticking out in the middle looks like the trunk too. This was actually built in Cornville, Arizona by Michael and Leda Livant-Khan. It was made entirely from materials they found all over the place

Strawberry house

It’s exactly what it is, a house that looks like a strawberry. You’ve got to hand it to the Japanese, for they sure know how to take an idea and roll with it in the most unique way. Located in Tokyo, it’s definitely a bright spot that deserves a visit or two. You just might find yourself craving for some strawberries too just by looking at it.

Kettle House

The Kettle House looks just like that… a large kettle. It’s located in Texas, USA, and is perhaps one of the more unique structures to be found there. The worn out look also gives it a vintage vibe, one that you would probably see in old rusty kettles. Suffice to say, it’s a pretty distinct housing option.