Shoe House

Ever wanted to live inside the house? Neither did we, but hey, there’s always a first time for everything, right? Besides, it’s got 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and kitchen. You may not want to take pride in it as a fashion accessory, but it sure is rather swanky on the inside.

Pickle Barrel House

If it were up to us, we’d be filling this house with draft beer. I mean, isn’t that what barrels are for? Some of the residents of Michigan may even agree with us, and to have a house this large only means great things for the alcoholics everywhere. Nonetheless, the design on this home is truly quirky.

Do you dream of having a house that’s practically part of nature? This is what architect Frank Lloyd Wright thought of realizing back in 1935. Granted, this house in Pennsylvania is no longer in a great state for dwelling, it’s still mighty impressive to look at. After all, it IS built right on top of a waterfall.

Nautilus House

This house was actually inspired by seashells, which explains the name. It was created by Senosiain Arquitectos in Mexico. It was intended for a couple who were looking for a rather romantic yet unorthodox looking residence. They sure got their wish, didn’t they?

The Walking House

This is definitely a great take on the portable house concept. However, it does not rely on wheels but actual legs that move around like a lumbering spider. It’s also solar-powered and can handle all sorts of terrains. We’ve got to thank the MIT and Danish artists for coming up with this inventive design for a home.

One Log House

Ever thought of living inside a tree? This would be the closest thing for you then. Made from the log of a 2,100 year old redwood tree, it’s got a single bedroom inside. You would certainly feel one with nature after living in here.