25 Californian Cities You’ll Fall In Love With

See the first city where Snoop Dogg is from.

california beach

Would you like to get your fill of sun, surf and sand in the most fun manner?  Head down to California, which a lot of people would recognize as the United States' most popular state.  Considering that it's the US that's the most well known country all over the planet, you'd be doing yourself a favor.  Technically speaking, you'll be where the best of everything can be found.Yet, if you're not entirely sure about the right city to be a resident of, you might want to consider the following options:


anaheim california disney land

Interestingly enough, Anaheim was actually founded by a community of 50 German families back in 1857. Since then, it has become a major center for technology. It's where a lot of video game competitions are held, as well as tech conventions and conferences. For all of you looking for some good family fun, you'll be glad to know that Disneyland is to be found here.