lone cypress california

A lot of people loathe traffic, probably including you. If you'd like to get from one spot to another in a short amount of time, Cypress is where you can get that. There's no rush hour to be had, especially with the four major highways in the city. Education is also top notch, with several institutions of the highest accreditation to be found.

Seal Beach

seal beach pier california

Seal Beach offers great educational opportunities. This makes it the ideal residential pick for families making to make a move out from anywhere. There are a variety of schools of such major prestige to be found. Condominiums are also pretty affordable.


irvine california

Irvine is located in Orange County, initially founded in the 1960s by the company of the same name. It's got the 2nd newest campus in the entire California area, UC Irvine. It's a pretty aesthetically satisfying city, with safety and vibrancy to offer. Talk to any resident and they'll have a lot of great things to say about Irvine.

Agoura Hills

agoura hills california

Agoura Hills is a military family-friendly place, making it the top choice for people looking to get the proper education and discipline for their kids. The graduation rate in Agoura is also pretty high, with right about 94% of the student community passing with flying colors. You can also look forward to the low crime rates, making it among the safest cities in the state. If it's peace and order you're looking for, you know where to go to.


malibu beach

It's pretty hard to resist Malibu, one of the finest beach cities in the US. It's essentially a playground for surfers and beach lovers alike. Apart from that, you may come across a number of famous Hollywood actors and actresses too. If you're looking for that cool ocean breeze, look no further.


ventura california beach town

Known for its complete name, San Buenaventura, Ventura was incorporated into the state back in 1866. It was actually called "Shisholop", a name given by its first inhabitants, the Chumash. It is located in the LA Area and has a rather warm climate. Specifically, it's almost Mediterranean, which makes it a place that a lot of Californians enjoy being in.