malibu beach

It's pretty hard to resist Malibu, one of the finest beach cities in the US. It's essentially a playground for surfers and beach lovers alike. Apart from that, you may come across a number of famous Hollywood actors and actresses too. If you're looking for that cool ocean breeze, look no further.


ventura california beach town

Known for its complete name, San Buenaventura, Ventura was incorporated into the state back in 1866. It was actually called "Shisholop", a name given by its first inhabitants, the Chumash. It is located in the LA Area and has a rather warm climate. Specifically, it's almost Mediterranean, which makes it a place that a lot of Californians enjoy being in.

Hidden Hills

hidden hills california pool house

Hidden Hills is where many of the celebrity elite live in. Visiting this place, you may even come across people like Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Drake, among a few notables. If you've got a budget like theirs and are looking to settle down in a home that costs around 8 million dollars at the very least, this is your spot. It's got a public elementary school to offer, and is essentially a residential community for the rich and loaded.


fresno california

Fresno is located between Sacramento and Los Angeles. It's got a population of 510,000 residents. You'll be getting your fair share of authentic Mexican food in here. If you love football, then you'll have a lot to be happy about, especially since the Fresnans are so devoted to their home team, the Bulldogs.

Thousand Oaks

thousand oaks california

If you're looking for a quaint, small-town vibe, Thousand Oaks is the right pick. Perhaps you've grown tired of the urban jungle environment, yeah? If so, the small community setting makes it a lovely and intimate setting to just chill out at. However, it is also near downtown LA, should you miss the big city atmosphere.



This is a perfect spot for people looking to set up residency, especially with the multitude of housing options available. There's practically an option for any budget, making it an ideal place to live in. It also happens to be just an hour away from Los Angeles by car. If you'd like to travel in and out of the state, you can take your pick from two major airports.