Own a Piece of Donald Trump's Legacy for $21 Million

Ever wondered what a home that's ideal for a President would be like? You don't need to wonder a whole lot anymore, considering that presidential-hopeful Donald Trump has managed to sell his New York penthouse, located in the Trump Park Avenue building, for 21 million dollars. Being the business mogul that everybody in the world knows, Mr. Trump is is practically a brand in his own right, thanks to the many high rises and homes with his name on it. Knowing all this, the penthouse was definitely hot market property.

Ivanka mentioned that the sale has absolutely nothing to do with her father's bid to run for the U.S. Presidency. In her own words, her father simply is in " the business of real estate", not related in any way to fundraising for political purposes.

According to a statement made by Mr. Trump soon after the purchase concluded, the sale is considered to be a testament to the building itself. It's got a great location and simply epitomizes the strength of his brand.