Own a Piece of Donald Trump's Legacy for $21 Million

Donald Trump currently has assets worth 1.5 billion dollars at the very least. These assets range from restaurants and entertainment companies to real estate. Trump alone has a net worth of 10 million dollars, which is mighty impressive. Wish you were in his shoes yet?

With one look, you can already tell that the penthouse is quite huge. According to listings, it's got 10 foot ceilings, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and even a powder room. It's also 6,200 square feet in total area. It was initially prices for 35 million dollars back in 2013, based on public records, yet it eventually got lowered to a price of 24.995 million dollars, the lowest it got to be before it was purchased at its current price.

It was his daughter, Ivanka, who also happens to be the Trump Organization's VP of development & acquisitions, who confirmed the final sale. Ms. Griffith has mentioned that an offer was made to rent out the floor-through penthouse for a price of 80K a month, all before Donald managed to conclude transactions. The market is definitely strong and we could not agree more with this decision to get the place out in the open for people to bid on.