Top 25 Sickest Mansions In The World

Biltmore Estate. See a $2,000,000,000.00 condo up next!

As you will see in a moment, the billionaires on our list of the richest people in the world have more money to spend than they know what to do with, and as a result these extravagant homes are equipped with heated driveways, helipads, and $150,000 bath tubs. Not all of the mansions on our list, however, are there because of the price tag. In some cases it’s their sheer size, while in others it’s their quirkiness. Whatever it may be though, from Beverly Hills to the French Riviera, these are 25 of the most insane mansions in the world.

Here’s another home that you’ll probably be salivating over. We wonder how people manage to come up with such impressive ideas for dream houses that they’d actually look so darn excellent from any angle. Then again, if you’ve got a lot of cash to spend, you can practically get anything you want. The same goes for the owner of this house here, who is probably just laughing his butt off knowing that he’s got one fine piece of architecture to live in while the rest of the people who mocked him during his childhood days are just living in 1-bedroom apartments that are pretty shoddy in design. Oh well, who are we to judge? We’d be happy enough living in a bungalow, though.

This home, truth be told, is one of the biggest homes that is actually owned privately. It’s located in the United States and is known as the Biltmore. Get it? Built More? Yes, it does live up to that namesake we just gave it, because clearly the owner can pay just about any mortgage rates far beyond the standard folk’s choosing and actually get his house to look like it was fortified to the maximum extent. It sure does help to know that the person who made it was George Vanderbilt, and his descendant is the one who lives here.

This house offers more rooms than any normal person could even handle. 250 of them, to be exact. That’s enough to take out a mortgage calculator to have people rent it out and charge them a good amount of money on a monthly basis.

It doesn’t end there, though; there are still a lot of other homes that you’d want to check out which will blow your mind.

Pricetag: $1.2 billion

Mount Lavinia

Although today it serves as a hotel, this 275 room Sri Lankan mansion has an extensive past and at one point even served as a military hospital in World War II.