Villa Leopolda

You’d have to admit, having a house built in and under your name can truly be a feeling of prestige and distinction. You’d probably be so honored that you’d wear it like a badge on your sleeve.  If you had such an honor, we wouldn’t judge you.  We’d be happy for you.  You know what else we’d be happy about?  The fact that you can use a mortgage calculator and still manage to pay up those fees without a cinch at all.  It’s not something we’re blessed with, so the best we can do is just smile for you.

If only we could have something like this estate in France, though. This fine piece of architecture was actually built back in 1902 for King Leopold II of Belgium. In this day and age, it undergoes careful maintenance thanks to the services of 50 gardeners who work here full time. If you thought mortgage rates were already high up, just imagine how much money you’d have to shell out just for that number of people under your employment.

It also made the headlines just recently when Mikhail Prokhorov, a billionaire from Russia decided to invest in this place with a staggering amount of 75 million dollars. What even made bigger news is the fact that he backed out on this investment, thereby losing loads of money in the process. If we had 10 times that amount in our savings, we sure as heck would not be caught doing something as stupid as this. Pricetag: $750 million

Balmoral Castle

As the home of the Royal Family in Scotland, Balmoral Castle is just a small part of the Queen’s extensive portfolio of properties. It is probably one of the larger properties on the list, however, at 50,000 acres. It’s so big in fact that it comes with managed herds of deer, cattle, and ponies.

Fairfield Pond

At $198 million this is one of the most expensive properties in the United States. Built by Ira Rennert in Sagaponack, New York to the dismay of his neighbors, it faces the Atlantic and is packed with numerous “toys” including a $150,000 hot tub. Pricetag: $198 million

Dar al-Hajar

Nicknamed the “Rock Palace” due the fact that it seems to grow out of the rock on which it was constructed, this mansion was built to be the summer house of Imam Yahya, the Islamic leader of Yemen and is famous for its numerous secret passageways.

The Manor

With 123 rooms, an indoor skating rink, and a room dedicated just to wrapping presents, the opulence on display in this Los Angeles mansion is borderline obscene. Pricetag: $150 million

Hala Ranch

Owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, he purchased the property when he was ambassador to the United States and as one of the largest in the country, it comes with its own waste water treatment facility, gasoline pumps, and ski resort. Pricetag: $135 million