Acqua Liana

Florida is famous for its luxury abodes but this one takes it a step further. Frank McKinney, the famous real estate artist, built this 15,000 sq ft eco mansion after being inspired by trips to Fiji and Tahiti. Its features include an army of solar panels, a water system that fills the pool with runoff rain water, and enough reclaimed wood to save roughly 10 acres of rainforest. Pricetag: $23 million

The 6 foot Wide House

Okay, so its not really a mansion, but come on, here we have a house that is barely 6 ft wide selling for almost $1 million dollars. That’s a lot of value for barely being able to fit a toilet in there. Pricetag: $1 million

Updown Court

England is full of classy people.  It’s essentially a place where sophistication has always been prevalent.  After all, they do have a Prince for a leader.   There’s also the Queen of England, so you certainly cannot expect any less, despite some counties a little less privileged and more urban than others.  Either way, we’d like to think that if we made a move to any part of the country, we’d probably be seeing mortgage rates skyrocketing.  After all, they do use pounds, which is a currency that’s far more expensive when looking at the dollar exchange rates.

That would mean we’d have to spend more money just to get ourselves a new home. Nothing like this one, most probably. After all, this is considered by many to be among the most important private residences built in England ever. Truth be told, it was already around since the 19th century, so it certainly has raised its market value for 2 centuries already. If you get the chance to visit and see what’s inside, you’ll find that it’s got a helipad, a garage that’s underground which is fit for parking around 8 limousines as well as a heated driveway. Talk about a swanky place to live in, eh?

You’d also have to consider the fact that it’s neighbors are among the elite of English society. Do you think you can stand alongside the Queen herself and Elton John? Yep, we won’t be using mortgage calculators anytime soon, especially with us not fitting properly within high society. Pricetag: $150 million

The Penthouse

We’ve really got to hand it to some people.  They can work as hard as heck to get by in life and finally realize their dreams of living in class and style.  It’s not like we’re not doing our part to achieve the same goals, it’s just that they happen to have all the resources made available to them and are truly in the know on how to make use of them.  We, on the other hand, have mortgage rates to look into just so we can find ourselves the finest homes possible.

Penthouse Magazine, on the other hand, doesn’t look to be in need of a mortgage calculator anytime soon, especially with the empire they’ve built over the years. After all, they do provide men all over the planet with their regular dose of erotic photos in their publication. With all the money they’ve made so far, it wouldn’t be surprising that they’d have a 6 bedroom flat built for their staff. Located at Number One Hyde Park, the flat actually overlooks Central London. It’s got a really sophisticated look to it, one that you probably wouldn’t expect from a publisher of pornographic magazines.

However, with the fortune the magazine has amassed over the years, it’s no surprise as to why this was rumored to be among the most expensive houses in the world. Nonetheless, if we made that much money too, we’d probably have the same thing made for our personal use. Maybe throw in a few nude models there for our personal… satisfaction, perhaps? Pricetag: $220 million

Villa Leopolda

You’d have to admit, having a house built in and under your name can truly be a feeling of prestige and distinction. You’d probably be so honored that you’d wear it like a badge on your sleeve.  If you had such an honor, we wouldn’t judge you.  We’d be happy for you.  You know what else we’d be happy about?  The fact that you can use a mortgage calculator and still manage to pay up those fees without a cinch at all.  It’s not something we’re blessed with, so the best we can do is just smile for you.

If only we could have something like this estate in France, though. This fine piece of architecture was actually built back in 1902 for King Leopold II of Belgium. In this day and age, it undergoes careful maintenance thanks to the services of 50 gardeners who work here full time. If you thought mortgage rates were already high up, just imagine how much money you’d have to shell out just for that number of people under your employment.

It also made the headlines just recently when Mikhail Prokhorov, a billionaire from Russia decided to invest in this place with a staggering amount of 75 million dollars. What even made bigger news is the fact that he backed out on this investment, thereby losing loads of money in the process. If we had 10 times that amount in our savings, we sure as heck would not be caught doing something as stupid as this. Pricetag: $750 million

Balmoral Castle

As the home of the Royal Family in Scotland, Balmoral Castle is just a small part of the Queen’s extensive portfolio of properties. It is probably one of the larger properties on the list, however, at 50,000 acres. It’s so big in fact that it comes with managed herds of deer, cattle, and ponies.