Here’s another Pacific Palisades home you’d be admiring nonstop. The TV host has certainly made his name for himself in the late night circuit. He has a residence which costs over 20 million dollars. Not only that, but he also purchased the property next door. How’s that for lavish?


The One Direction singer has acquired himself a home in Beverly Hills. For someone of his stature, this would have cost nothing more than chump change, coming in at a market price of 4 million dollars. Talk about a pretty stylish bachelor’s pad, eh? He’s definitely not living in London anymore. Even better for One Direction fan girls who’d like to stalk him in his new home.


This power couple acquired their home in Los Angeles for 20 million dollars. Looking at it from this view, it is most certainly quite the sight. The mansion is 22,000 square feet in total area, and offers various amenities. Those include a spa, pool, nursery and even a wine cellar. Mighty impressive piece of real estate, wouldn’t you agree?


Chris Martin is the lead singer of the band Coldplay, which I’m all sure you’re all familiar with. He also happens to be formerly married to Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow. Their home, which is located in Malibu Beach, was purchased for $14 million. Of course, things didn’t go as planned for their marriage. These days, it has become his very own bachelor’s pad.


The former American Idol host has acquired his home from Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi. It cost him 49 million dollars due to the property’s expansion of up to 9,00 square feet in total area. Then again, someone of his status in Hollywood can easily afford it. Found in Beverly Hills, it’s got two guest houses and three bedrooms. Talk about a massive investment, eh?


The world’s most controversial Hollywood power couple purchased this Bel Air home for a rather expensive price. Specifically, it cost them 21.5 million dollars. That’s easy pickings for both of them, though. The home, on the other hand, offers seven bathrooms, five bedrooms and --- get this --- an elevator! Wow, these two really know how to make themselves look as lazy and luxurious as possible, huh?