Simon Cowell, critique extraordinaire, is definitely living the A-list lifestyle. Having acquired what he considers to be the ideal dream home in Beverly Hills, it’s simply to die for. With a total area of 9,335 square feet and filled with so many amenities such as a luxury spa, a media theater room and solarium, this was money well spent. Pretty much a very deserving home for one of Hollywood’s most notable personalities, wouldn’t you agree? We’d be happy to sleep in one of the bedrooms, of which there are 6.


Well, if it isn’t Mr. Saturday Night Fever himself living quite the life? Travolta has always been epitomized as the king of cool, despite whatever gossip’s been spreading around about him. Nonetheless, his cool factor certainly translates over to his home in Ocala, Florida. Being worth 2.7 million dollars, it’s got it’s very own private runway. Yes, Travolta’s got a Boeing 707 for a private plane.


This Hollywood power couple certainly live up to their reputation. They’ve got their own private estate over in southern France. How’s that for classy, huh? Costing about 60 million dollars in total, it’s big enough for 6 of their kids to roam around and play in. The Chateau Miraval, as they call it, has 35 rooms to offer, as well as a moat.