Sweet 15 Celebrity Mansions You Won't Believe


The artist responsible for such hits as “Rude Boi”, “Diamonds” and “Umbrella” is no slouch when it comes to a lavish home. Her mansion, located in Hollywood Hills, runs for a market price for 7 million dollars. Looking at it from the outside, it certainly is quite a stylish piece of property that anybody would dream of having. Dubbed “The Fortress,” we can only imagine what amenities she’s got in her house.


The former teen actress is all grown up and without Justin Bieber in her life. That only means she’s free to make decisions for herself. One of them is acquiring this home in Hollywood Hills. Costing 3 million dollars, it’s got 5 bedrooms and was a purchase made for one specific reason. Yep, you guessed it --- to stay as far away from her former bad boy flame.