Top 15 New Home Communities and Neighborhoods You'll Want To Move To

Buena Vista(Miami)

If you’ve had enough of the Miami scene, go for a nice break at Buena Vista. This area may not exactly be appealing at first, especially with its overblown reputation of crime rates. Yet, there are a lot of young couples making the move here simply because it just has a lot to offer as far as residential properties are concerned. Many old warehouses have been renovated to make way for the new Design District. You’ll definitely find a home here in Buena Vista, so long as you don’t go loiter around too late at night.

Northeast Minneapolis

Time to head down across the Mississippi for a more laid back setting. People looking to migrate into condos which are affordable and also pretty practical will have much to love here. The culture is also pretty avant-garde, with multitudes of hipsters moving in from other surrounding districts. You’ll definitely have much to enjoy in the Northeast. Be it polka bars, clubs and coffee shops, real estate has never seen such a huge boom.


This place is known as the grittier and seedier neighbor of Capitol Hill. However, that’s just a reputation that was built over the years due to hearsay. The fact is that, even though it may not have a lot of fancy chain stores, it is still a great spot for people to find residential property. Homes, condos and apartments are at pretty affordable prices. You’ll also have a lot to look forward to such as dance clubs, book stores and some pretty quirky shops selling sex toys, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Pilsen is a culturally diverse district in the heart of Chicago. You’ve got Asians living in the Chinatown area, as well as Latinos and blacks all over the place. This only makes it a prime destination for folks who are looking to move in permanently and find a piece of residential property. Apartments and condos have prices which aren’t too steep, making it a great pick for those who are looking to make the move ahead of others who are way behind in the real estate market. Quit waiting and just invest already.

Mt. Pleasant(Vancouver)

Mount Pleasant in Vancouver is one of those areas which can be pretty somber. It’s got a lot of Victorian architecture, as well as pretty swanky loft space. This is pretty much a place for people who love the artier stuff. The apartments are no less artsy too, and you’re bound to unleash some creative juices just by staying in. Those looking for residential options would have their fill of bliss in here.

Echo Park(Los Angeles)

When you’re in a city that’s defined by the abundance of commodities of a cultural category, there’s always a number of hipsters looking to segregate themselves. This is where a lot of millennials would probably join in too. With a place like Echo Park, you can definitely bear witness to that. It offers various condominiums of a stylish and affordable approach. This Chicano neighborhood has become a melting pot of cultural diversity these days.