Top 15 New Home Communities and Neighborhoods You'll Want To Move To

Lower Garden District (New Orleans)

Are you looking to move out into a new place where you could experience all new adventures yet again?  Looking for that specific dream city or town where you can just relax and appreciate life as you were meant to?  There are loads of prime properties all over the US, no doubt.  However, they may be found in places you’re not likely to know about at first.  If you’re really looking to get the best real estate properties on the market, you’ll have to look through some up-and-coming areas and beat everyone else to the punch.

Adams-Morgan District(Washington, D.C.)

The Adams-Morgan district is a pretty well established scene. It’s got condos which are vibrant on the outside as they are cozy on the inside. You’ve also got a rather hip commerce to look forward to. The progression of this district has lent to some people moving in without hesitation. With all the restaurants and dive bars in town, you’ll surely want to stay for as long as possible.