Top 15 New Home Communities and Neighborhoods You'll Want To Move To


Pilsen is a culturally diverse district in the heart of Chicago. You’ve got Asians living in the Chinatown area, as well as Latinos and blacks all over the place. This only makes it a prime destination for folks who are looking to move in permanently and find a piece of residential property. Apartments and condos have prices which aren’t too steep, making it a great pick for those who are looking to make the move ahead of others who are way behind in the real estate market. Quit waiting and just invest already.

Mt. Pleasant(Vancouver)

Mount Pleasant in Vancouver is one of those areas which can be pretty somber. It’s got a lot of Victorian architecture, as well as pretty swanky loft space. This is pretty much a place for people who love the artier stuff. The apartments are no less artsy too, and you’re bound to unleash some creative juices just by staying in. Those looking for residential options would have their fill of bliss in here.