Top 15 New Home Communities and Neighborhoods You'll Want To Move To

Echo Park(Los Angeles)

When you’re in a city that’s defined by the abundance of commodities of a cultural category, there’s always a number of hipsters looking to segregate themselves. This is where a lot of millennials would probably join in too. With a place like Echo Park, you can definitely bear witness to that. It offers various condominiums of a stylish and affordable approach. This Chicano neighborhood has become a melting pot of cultural diversity these days.

Northern Liberties(Philadelphia)

There are a lot of hipsters these days who have decided to move out to Northern Liberties. You’d initially wonder why at first, considering that it’s a factory zone. However, the isolated atmosphere makes for a nice break from busy cityscapes, therefore making it such a great candidate for people looking to invest in some property. The condos and apartments available are simple yet provide everything you could ever need. You’ve also got a few places to check out, such as the Silk City Club diner and the Lion Fish coffee shop.

The Plateau(Montreal)

Quebec has certainly seen quite a rise in the cultural diversity. Because it’s become such a prime destination for tourists and immigrants from all over the world, it’s no surprise it has become a prime pick when it comes to residential properties and real estate options. In the Plateau, you’ll find a pretty hip scene consisting of art galleries, cellar restaurants and outdoor cafes. All of these in row houses made from bricks.

Inner Mission(San Francisco)

If you’re looking for a lovely neighborhood to live in, try Inner Mission. It’s located south of Market Street. You’ll get to be treated to the wonderful sights of grandmothers headed home from church, bicycle couriers whizzing through the streets on their way to raves and the like. The whole neighborhood is an eclectic mix of the messy and the vibrant, and the real estate properties are also quite impressive. Feels just like home, doesn’t it?


Head down to Williamsburg and you’ll be seeing a lot of untapped potential when it comes to real estate property. The condos are pretty accessible and affordable. It’s been a haven for artists from all walks of life, as well as Polish immigrants of the most congenial kind. You’ll be treated to public art exhibitions across the river, allowing you to bask in all the beauty of such creativity. If you’re a budding artist, this will be a great place for you find residency in.

Lower Garden District (New Orleans)

Are you looking to move out into a new place where you could experience all new adventures yet again?  Looking for that specific dream city or town where you can just relax and appreciate life as you were meant to?  There are loads of prime properties all over the US, no doubt.  However, they may be found in places you’re not likely to know about at first.  If you’re really looking to get the best real estate properties on the market, you’ll have to look through some up-and-coming areas and beat everyone else to the punch.