Adams-Morgan District(Washington, D.C.)

The Adams-Morgan district is a pretty well established scene. It’s got condos which are vibrant on the outside as they are cozy on the inside. You’ve also got a rather hip commerce to look forward to. The progression of this district has lent to some people moving in without hesitation. With all the restaurants and dive bars in town, you’ll surely want to stay for as long as possible.

Lower Woodward(Detroit)

Again, here’s a hot spot for every artist imaginable. If you’re a graphic designer, a music producer or an art entrepreneur who wants to develop an underground following, you’ll feel right at home at Lower Woodward. Located in downtown Detroit, it’s got a bustling community of the artistically inclined, which should be enough to keep you hooked in. However, it’s the condo prices and the residential options which are going to make you stay permanently. Definitely a great place to indulge your creative side.

College & Clinton(Toronto)

Head down to College & Clinton in Toronto, and you’ll be seeing a lot of interesting stuff. Italian eateries have been booming businesses as of late and pool halls have never seen so many customers in some time. Properties for both commercial and residential use vary in terms of price, but you’ll definitely find a few that can really convince you that this is the place to move in to. Just be aware of the parking problems --- it can be quite a huge hassle.

Jamaica Plain(Boston)

In Boston, there’s this up-and-coming district called the Jamaica Plain. It’s highly multicultural, which has led to many left-wingers, hipsters and members of the LGBT community to consider this their home. You’ll find a lot to love in this place too. It’s got bookstores, the Somerville Theater and a number of Irish pubs. Did we mention that the prices for apartments and condominiums are also pretty darn good?