Top 15 Tips to Getting the Best Mortgage Deals

Don’t use APR for shopping around for comparisons.

You don’t have to rely on this alone.  The truth is that you’ve got more options than you thought possible.  After all, the APR just shows the supposed true cost of property financing over the course of thirty years.  Relying on this solely means you’ll be preparing a budget equal to the size of your loan, the interest rates to be paid over that period of time as well as closing costs.  Do you really need to do the math for all of that?

Call lenders one at a time in a single day.

You might be looking for the best home loan deals.  However, the rates do tend to fluctuate more than you’d expect. Therefore, give lenders a call all in just one day.  You can probably call one up, and have your relative call another at around the same time.  That way, you can easily compare notes and figure out which one offers the best deals.

Determine the date of closing.

How long your lock-in period is going to be has a massive impact on the mortgage rate.  Discuss the closing date thoroughly with the lenders you’ve contacted.  Make inquiries on how much they would charge for these periods. There are a lot of lenders out there which charge about one-eight percent in excess if you’ve got the loan locked in for sixty days.  One third percent more should be the ideal increase for a ninety day loan.

Don’t forget to inquire about the fees.

A lot of folks would shop around for loans based on the rates that have been advertised.  Granted, these may be enticing, but there’s far beyond just this.  As a matter of fact, fees can also be added on top of your payments.  Rates being advertised just aren’t being totally honest.  Hence, always make sure you ask about these things before going in for the kill.

Never forget to provide lenders the same information.

 You’re probably going to ask for rate quotes from lenders.  Hence, it is essential that you give them all the necessary information they need.  Tell one lender the same thing you did to another, especially with details like your credit quality, the amount of the down payment, and the use of your property.  Always remember that mortgage rates can change quite erratically as well.  With all the same information provided before everything else gets affected, you’d already have something to be compared with.

Try to make a bigger down payment.

You know how home loans require down payment?  Well, if you’re able to pay the minimum, chances are you’ll still have a few more years to go.  Your chances of being a risk to lenders can be pretty high, though.  Hence, make a much larger down payment.  With a deeper equity stake in your mortgage, you won’t be seen as much of a risk.