Try to make a bigger down payment.

You know how home loans require down payment?  Well, if you’re able to pay the minimum, chances are you’ll still have a few more years to go.  Your chances of being a risk to lenders can be pretty high, though.  Hence, make a much larger down payment.  With a deeper equity stake in your mortgage, you won’t be seen as much of a risk.

Enhance credit scores.

The typical lending groups would often charge very high interest rates for people with low credit scores. In fact, a minimum credit score of anywhere between 620 and 640 will result in this. Yet, if you manage to increase your credit score, the results will be as expected – lower interest. Having a score like 740 and you’ll get the best tier loan program. Take it from the experts.

Purchase a Single-Family home.

Condominiums may be seen as much riskier investments.  That’s because their market value drops more often than other kinds of home options.  This makes the mortgage rates higher than single-family homes.  Yet, with a 25% down payment at the very least, you won’t have to worry about interest add-ons and the like.  A home loan will have never been more convenient.

Do some research on your own.

When it comes to mortgages, it takes a lot of homework to get the best possible choice.  Therefore, it is highly recommended you do enough research.  Shop around for home loan options in person, over the phone or even on the Internet.  You just can’t be mindless and careless about it.  You deserve the best deal and mortgages shouldn’t have to make you suffer financially.

Decide whether you want to pay the loan in points or not.

The points that come with a specific loan type can be the biggest amount you’ll be paying.  Each of those points is pretty much a percentage of the home loan’s total amount.  Talk this through with your lender.  That way, if you’re looking to file for residency on a long term basis, you’ll want this option to keep the interest rates low.  However, keeping the property for just a limited amount of time renders the using of points useless.

Ask yourself a few questions.

 If you are looking to borrow a loan for that residential property, make sure you are prepared.  Ask yourself some questions such as, “how much is my down payment?” “Should I go for a condo or a single-family home?”  “Am I really purchasing or just renting out space?”  “Will I be taking care of the insurance myself?”  The answers to these questions will greatly affect your loan and mortgage options.